26 Nov

Algonquin College RE/ACTION Applied Research Showcase

Preliminary results of the conversion to Drive-By-Wire operation of a commercial off the shelf electric vehicle will be presented at the Algonquin College RE/ACTION Applied Research Showcase on December 4.  The displayed results are a working prototype: of the mechatronic actuation of the vehicle, vehicle control via software and operation of all vehicle emitters.  This work has been performed by two Algonquin College students and supervised by two Algonquin College professors and has been funded by NSERC/OCE VIP I and Cohort Systems Inc.   Anticipated next steps are conversion to tele-operation and conversion to autonomous operation.

For additional information about RE/ACTION follow this link,  https://www.algonquincollege.com/arie/appliedresearchshowcase/

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