31 Jan

Cohort and ESI Robotics sign LOI

Cohort Systems Inc. and ESI Robotics (Toronto) have signed a Letter of Intent for the co-development of a general purpose ‘Autonomous Guidance System’ for Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), and Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) robots.  This agreement follows and Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between Cohort and Shenzhen Anzer Intelligent Systems (Anzer) in May 2016.  ESI is a subsidiary of Anzer which is based in Shenzhen P.R.China.  The intent of the Autonomous Guidance System is to be a general purpose plug-in subsystem that converts what is normally a remote control or tele-operated robot into an autonomous robot.  Cohort  has developed a product called the ROC Data Center or RDC that provides: Autonomous Navigation, 3D Terrain Evaluation, Environmental Perception, and Autonomous Mission Management and Execution.  These four fundamental technologies are required for an autonomous security robot.  An RDC is a proprietary computer integrated with Cohort’s patent pending Robot Open Control (ROC) Software IP.   ESI has agreed to provide an EOD robot; and the hardware and electronics for the RDC per Cohort’s RDC specification.  Cohort will provide: the ROC Software, integration, and testing.  Both parties will demonstrate the robot in Canada and P.R.China.

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