27 Dec

The ESC Partnership formed for Perimeter Security market in the MENA Region

Today (December 27 2017) Cohort Systems Inc. signed an agreement with ESMA Trading Incorporated (Amman, Jordan), Septimius International Inc. (Paris, France) to form The ESC Partnership.  This press release follows an previous release on Aug. 15 2017.  The ESC Partnership is a limited liability business that will deliver Advanced Physical Security Solutions for the protection of critical assets such as Borders or the perimeter of: Airports, Harbours, Military Bases, Power Generation, and Refineries.  Septimius and ESMA will provide market knowledge and business opportunities in the MENA Region for the delivery, installation and training of physical security equipment and infrastructure.  Cohort Systems Inc. will be responsible for the design and integration of physical security solutions.  Anticipated solutions include the deployment of advanced mobile surveillance devices that include Cohort’s Autonomous Patrol Vehicle technologies, and Common Controller Workstations.  Significant effort had already been invested (before the agreement) developing Perimeter Security market opportunities in the MENA Region.  It is anticipated that the first contract will be secured within the next 12 months.  The Perimeter Security market is expected to grow rapidly across the MENA region after the first installation.

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