03 Jun

Cohort Systems Inc. Partners with Carleton University to Investigate Trusted Real-Time Communication

Cohort has teamed with Carleton University to investigate advanced communications protocols for trusted real-time communication.  Applications such as: robotics, surveillance, and IOT rely upon real-time communication of video, audio, image, and text.  This information must be transmitted securely with minimal delay.  However, it is now possible through cyber intrusion to covertly tamper data before and after it has been received despite existing security protocols.  The research Cohort and Carleton University will conduct is the development of robust methods to detect and report tampering without adding significant overhead or delay.  The application of this research improves the security and trust of transmitted information for use in: defence, physical security, connected autonomous vehicles, surveillance and evidence.  This work is partially funded by a contract awarded to Cohort by the DND IDEaS competitive challenge program and is the second IDEaS award to Cohort Systems in the last 6 months.